Friday, May 2, 2014

Unscientific Method

At one point, during my apprenticeship at a Buddhist monastery, the headmaster decided to help me get rid of my stutter. Considering that I had stuttered since childhood, and I was in my early twenties during my apprenticeship, I deeply doubted that the headmaster’s attempt would be successful. But to my surprise, by the end of the assignment that was supposed to cure my speech impediment, I realized that I no longer stuttered. A couple of years earlier, my teacher, at the same temple, decided to help me stop biting my nails, which I had been doing as long as I could remember, and I haven’t bitten my nails since she did it. Were their methods scientific? I highly doubt it. Would it be wise to have refused their "unscientific" help? I honestly don’t know. Over the years, my parents had taken me to different psychologists and speech pathologists, who used "scientific approach" to help me to get rid of my stutter. All I know is that if I didn’t let the monks help me, I’d still stutter today, and I’d also bite my nails.