Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Emotions on Top of Emotions / Mild to Moderate Panic Attacks

There’s one state of mind that makes emotion regulation more difficult than it should be. This difficulty comes from the person’s reaction to certain emotions, when a feeling triggers an emotional reaction. For example, when an anxiety attack triggers fear, the fear locks the anxiety, and the only way to get rid of the anxiety is to turn off the fear first. One of the most difficult mental states to deal with is when anxiety triggers anxiety—which is not that unusual—the state in which it becomes extremely difficult to compose oneself. Oftentimes, this mental state is called the panic attack. If the intensity of the emotion is mild to moderate, then for taking control over it, it should be sufficient to simply lean back in a comfortable chair while imagining the situation that triggers your anxiety. You need to stay perfectly still in relation to the emotion, particularly during the very beginning of its appearance. It takes about two months of half an hour every day practice to develop a mental gap between the primary and secondary anxieties. Once you split the two anxieties, you’ll be able to turn both of them, always shutting down the secondary anxiety first. In fact, no matter what combination of emotions you’re working on, the secondary feeling needs to be resolved first.  

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